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Innovative underwater services

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA is a professional underwater ROV and Diving service provider with its headquarters in The Netherlands, and a fully equipped service station in Togo – Lomé . Our European management consists of professionals with various backgrounds in subsea inspection, repair, and maintenance services. 

At its core, HYDROFLOW SUBSEA strongly focuses on underwater services that keep ships in business and services that significantly benefit the performance of your vessel. With the use of the latest technology ROV and Diving spreads, our company provides high-quality underwater services.

As frontrunners and pioneers in underwater maintenance services, we have developed a unique Hull Cleaning method that involves Divers, and sophisticated robots, also known as ROV. The latest addition to our teams is the state-of-the-art Hull Cleaning ROV, named HullManta III. It is an in-house developed ROV that cleans and inspects the submerged parts of a ship hull fast, safe, and efficiently. 

With our experienced team of professionals, we can offer a broad range of underwater services by Divers and various ROV types. Our Divers, ROV Pilots, Technicians, and Technical support department will gladly assist you with your subsea requirements. Our On-site project managers will ensure that all operations are executed to meet our high quality and safety standards, time, and time again.

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Experts in underwater services
Hull Cleaning by ROV

Underwater services monitoring

Hull Cleaning

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA offers a unique Hull Cleaning service by ROV and Divers. Our ultra-modern equipment, such as ROVs and diver-operated units allow us to execute projects to the highest standards. Our Hull Cleaning ROV, The Hullmanta III, is a game-changer in the field of Hull Cleaning services. Underwater cleaning services have never been as transparent. 

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Propeller polishing professionals

Propeller polishing

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA has developed a unique Propeller polishing method performed by  Divers. With our Super-polishing, we consistently achieve high grades compared to the Rupert Scale. A perfectly polished propeller can result in fuel savings of up to 7%. We recommended polishing a propeller once every 4 to 6 months.

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Underwater servicing the propeller and hull

Underwater services

We perform a broad range of underwater services by Commercial Divers and state-of-the-art, in-house developed ROVs. From our fast response centers in The Netherlands, and Togo – Lomé, we can mobilize fully equipped teams on short notice. Our offices are ready to assist 24/7. 

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Hull Cleaning keeps your ship profitable

Our Hull Cleaning ROVs have been developed to remain operational even during harsh sea conditions and strong tide. A powerful propulsion system enables the ROVs to defeat extreme forces that are exerted on the Hull Cleaning unit.

In many cases, we can eliminate workboat charter costs, as we have completed various Hull Cleaning services from the deck of our client’s vessel itself. Bulk carriers, in particular, are very suitable for this approach. During ship to ship ops or other cargo operations, our teams will remain productive. Usually, without any delays or downtime. Our Hull Cleaning and inspection ROVs are launchable from a containerized or portable control station.

Professional underwater services

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA is your professional and reliable partner in underwater inspection, repair, and maintenance services. We have carefully selected the best crew members for our operational teams, and we have equipped them with the latest technology dive, and ROV spreads. Our company is capable of delivering high-quality underwater services and achieving the best results. We offer a wide range of services to the maritime and oil & gas industry.

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA has professional divers working side by side with robots, and this has proven to be a perfect combination. We make use of high-definition cameras for our daily operations and final reporting, to give you a clear overview of your vessel and her appendages. Whenever you’re searching for a reliable underwater services company, HYDROFLOW SUBSEA is here to assist.


Total Transparency

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA operates honestly and transparently. A short communication line with one of our project engineers ensures all involved offices are informed continuously. 

Our high standard work ethics and procedures followed by a quality control inspection of an on-site project manager ensure all projects are executed safely, efficiently, and always to meet the high expectations from our clients.

Our aim is always to under-promise but over-deliver. This mindset allows us to complete routine and complicated underwater services.

Hull Cleaning BY ROV

Safe. Fast. Efficient.

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA has significantly decreased the fuel consumption of many ships. Our technology keeps on evolving to even serve you better in the future. Our ROVs are steadily changing the old-fashioned ways in which underwater Hull Cleanings are performed.


Clients feedback

Impressive technology

Operations were completed safe, fast and within the estimated timeframe. Superintendent Mike Watt

Norstar Shipmanagment

Fast service

The team operated day & night. Excellent results considering the local conditions at the anchorage location. Superintendent Valerijs Sinica

TB Ship management

Interesting company

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA was able to attend our vessel calling Togo – Lomé within hours. Captain Rajesh Kipor

Willhelmsen Ship Management

When the going gets tough

An international operating underwater service provider. By having service stations in The Netherlands and Togo – Lomé, we can rapidly mobilize a fully equipped team to many parts of the world.

A one-stop address for global underwater services.
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