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Diving contractor Singapore • Hull cleaning services by ROV & Divers
Commercial diving services & Bio-fouling removal by remote operated vehicle (ROV)
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Hull Cleaning
Experienced divers working side by side with advanced, in-house developed underwater robots. Anywhere and anytime
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A Hull cleaning reduces fuel consumption by 5 up to 22% and lowers emissions significantly
Improved Performance
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From routine to complex underwater tasks..
We are there to assist you 24/7 and around the globe.

Underwater tasks
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Latest Technology

Our operational teams are equipped with state of the art equipment.

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Experts in underwater services & hull cleaning by ROV

Hull Cleaning

Reduce sailing costs and CO2 emissions by 5 up to 22%. Our in-house developed hull cleaning Robot cleans ships with an unseen speed and safety record. “The Stinger“ remains operational during harsh sea-conditions.

Underwater services

We perform a broad range of underwater services by commercial divers and in-house developed ROV’s. From our fast response centers in Singapore, Togo and The Netherlands we can mobilize fully equipped teams with very short notice

Consultancy services

Our professional network reaches to many parts of the world. By carefully listening to our clients we can find  solutions which will meet your needs. We can assist you 24/7. Get in touch with our technical service department to find out what we can do for you.

Always Pushing Forward

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA is your professional and reliable partner in underwater inspection, repair and maintenance services. HYDROFLOW SUBSEA has carefully selected the best crew members for our operational teams. They are also equipped with the latest technology dive spreads and ROV’S. Our company is capable of delivering high-quality underwater services and achieving the best results. We offer a wide range of services to the maritime and oil & gas industry.

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA has professional divers working side by side with robots and this has proven to be a perfect combination. We make use of high-definition cameras for our daily operations and final reporting, to give you a clear overview of your vessel and her appendages. Whenever you’re searching a reliable underwater services company, Hydroflow Subsea is here to assist.

There when you need us

Our HULL CLEANING ROV is designed to remain operational even during harsh sea conditions and strong tide. A powerful propulsion system has been developed in order to defeat extreme forces being exerted on the hull cleaning unit.

In many cases, we are able to eliminate workboat charter costs, as we have completed various hull cleaning services from the deck of our client’s vessel itself. Bulk carriers, in particular, are very suitable for this approach. During ship to ship ops or other cargo operations “THE STINGER” will remain productive. Usually without any delays or downtime.

Little Story
Abouts Us

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA is a full-service underwater contractor located in Singapore dedicated to provide high-quality underwater services. Hydroflow Subsea has a commercial diving and ROV department used for specialty underwater services. We have knowledgeable and experienced European underwater engineers who are part of the foundation of our company. Our operational teams consist of professionals that have many years of experience in maritime and offshore industries. With the use of latest technology such as ROV’s and diving spreads, our company provide high-quality underwater inspection, repair and maintenance services.

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA has a strict health, safety and environment policy that is put in place. Our aim is to always undertake and complete routine and complex underwater tasks in a cost-saving, efficient, and safe manner. All our crew members have received medical and emergency training.

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Quality Services

Hydroflow Subsea offers quality underwater services by implementing certified commercial divers and remotely operated robots (ROV) in our operational teams.

Hull Cleaning

The only hull cleaning ROV’s that can remove severe Barnacle growth and can be modified to all circumstances. The ROV’s can clean up to 85% of your vessel. Divers can take care of the remaining parts.

Propeller Polishing

A smooth propeller allows for smooth sailing. Polishing is a delicate 3-stage process. After the last stage, a mirror-like result can be achieved. Afterwards, all will be documented in a detailed report.

Underwater Tasks

Fully equipped teams are ready for every occasion or situation. All our crew members have many years of experience and hold internationally recognized certificates. We offer services to the maritime and oil & gas industry. 


Our headquarter is located in the Port of Singapore. We also have fully-equipped stations in Togo and Rotterdam. Hydroflow Subsea provides worldwide assistance for our clients.

Consultancy Services

Hydroflow Subsea has the best team of professionals under our wings and our network reaches many parts of the world. To learn more about how we can help you, kindly contact one of our technical officers.

Our Specialities

Regular hull cleanings keep your ship profitable.

When a ship is at anchor for longer periods.. Algae, Barnacles and Tubeworms will colonize it. Every year, this so-called biofouling causes economic losses of billions of Dollars.

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