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About Us | HYDROFLOW SUBSEA ROV Hull Cleaning

About Us

About us 2

Hydroflow Subsea

is a full-service underwater contractor located in Singapore dedicated to provide high-quality underwater services. Hydroflow Subsea has a commercial diving, and ROV department. Besides performing underwater services to ships, we also serve the Oil & Gas industry, factories, shipyards, and drydocks. Knowledgeable and very experienced European underwater engineers, divers, and ROV pilots/technicians are part of the foundation of our company. Our operational teams consist of international professionals that have many years of experience in maritime and offshore industries. With the use of the latest technology ROV’s and diving spreads, our company provides high-quality underwater inspection, repair, and maintenance services. We have a strong network that reaches many parts of the world. From USA to Australia, we are there to assist.

Research and Development

Our research and development department is responsible for developing a wide range of underwater tools and hull cleaning ROV’S. This, in collaboration with our operational Subsea teams consisting of dive and ROV professionals. Our hull cleaning ROV's, make it possible to clean ships and underwater structures to the highest standards.

Our latest inventions are the 'The Stinger', 'The Raptor', and 'The Manta'. They are all remote operated underwater vehicles which are designed to perform hull cleaning services and inspections. Each ROV is used for a particular section of a ship. The Manta is the largest ROV and is designed to clean the vertical sides and the flat bottom. The Stinger is a smaller unit used to reach areas that no other ROV can reach such as the Bulbous Bow, Stern area and Turn of Bilge. The Raptor is an all-in-one ROV that is designed to be travel friendly. This means we can transport it in check-in luggage or in an aluminum flight container. This way we can serve ships at remote areas or when there is no local service supplier present.

The main advantages of our heavy duty hull cleaning ROV are the high cleaning rate, cost-effectiveness and the high level of safety while being operational. Our ROV's are designed to be adapted to many situations. They can be used in port, at anchorage and even at Offshore locations.

Our company takes great pride in the high level of skill of our employees. We have managed to bring together teams of dedicated and certified employees from different nationalities and with different backgrounds. Hydroflow Subsea has teams of local and expatriate professionals that all have gained extensive experience over the years in underwater IRM services.

If you want to learn more about our services, kindly contact us today. Our technical service department is always ready to assist you. You can send us an inquiry or chat with one of our project managers on duty.