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Hull Cleaning by ROV in Singapore • The future of Hull Cleaning is here.

Hull Cleaning by ROV

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA SOLUTIONS realizes significant fuel savings for ship operators. Our team is specialized in innovative, performance-enhancing underwater Hull cleaning and Inspection services. Our in-house developed ROV technology (remotely operated vehicle) combined with the expertise of our experienced Divers enables us to execute underwater maintenance services to the highest standards.

Presently, there are many different Antifouling coatings on the market and each coating requires a different cleaning approach. We can adapt our ROV's and diver operated hull cleaning machines according to various factors such as the type of coating, level of marine-growth and the in-water conditions. This makes our units the most versatile hull cleaning machines available.

We have seen the terrible conditions of coatings on ships in Dry-dock after 5 years of being in service. We decided to use our expertise to find more gentle cleaning methods, and we have succeeded. Over the years we have developed underwater hull cleaning/ inspection robots that can clean ships without damaging the coating. We are able to adapt our robots (ROV) according to the level of marine growth on ships hulls and the various types of coatings.

Advantages of our Hull Cleaning ROV's

  • We have no or a very limited amount of Divers in the water which reduces risks to an absolute minimum
  • No change-out between divers saves time
  • The ROV's are very fast and achieve unseen cleaning rates
  • Fast = cost-effective
  • The ROV's can remain operational day & night
  • We operate in harsh conditions and our ROV's are developed to withstand strong tidal currents and high swell
  • From certain types of ships, the ROV's can be launched from the deck. This eliminates workboat charter costs almost completely
  • Onboard HD cameras allow the Captain, the person in charge or any other officer to monitor our operations providing total transparency
  • A Hull cleaning by ROV is an inspection and Hull cleaning in one. All operations are recorded from start to finish
  • Unlike most Hull Cleaning units our ROV's can be equipped with various cleaning systems
  • Our ROV's can be equipped with soft nylon brushes, high-pressure nozzles and a wide variety of in-house developed cleaning systems
  • We can mobilize fully equipped teams to many parts of the world
Hull Cleaning

Hydroflow Subsea Solutions is an expert in underwater Hull Cleaning Services by remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and by Divers. Our revolutionary, in-house developed ROV's can be adapted to many circumstances such as in-water conditions and various types of coating.

Maximum Safety

We provide Hull Cleanings to all types of ships. Cleaning ships with a deep draft is often a challenge for Diving contractors as large teams are required and expensive equipment needs to be on-site. With ROV's that is no longer the case. We only need small teams and risks are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Unique Final Reports

We provide our clients with very detailed final reports containing high-resolution photos and High-definition videos. A Hull Cleaning by Hydroflow Subsea Solutions is a cleaning and inspection at the same time. Our operations can be monitored on screens, providing total transparency.


On average, our ROV's are able to clean up to 85-90% of a ships hull.

We believe in the combination of Divers and our ROV's operating side by side. While the hull cleaning ROV's clean and inspect the large surfaces, Divers clean and inspect some of the niche areas such as Propellers, Bilge Keels, and Grids. 


Regular hull cleanings

As an underwater ship maintenance company, we have seen hundreds of hulls below the waterline. What we see often is that Hull Cleaning services have been postponed for too long. There can be many reasons for this however we would like to point out that this can have devastating consequences. What starts as a thin layer of Algea or grass soon turns into a hull completely colonized by Barnacles. Especially in warm, tropical waters, Barnacles can grow in a pace that often surprises ship-operators.   

The Acorn Barnacle as shown on the picture is capable of penetrating and destroying coating systems in a matter of weeks. Considering they can grow up to 12 cm in height they will also have an extremely negative impact on the performance of a ship. 

Clean while Biofouling build-up is still in an early stage.



It all starts with a thin layer of slime

Low-end and high-end coating systems will all develop a layer of Slime. 

1) Bacteria ⇒ 2) Slime ⇒ 3) Algae ⇒ 4) Hard marine growth ⇒ 5) Damage to the coating ⇒ 6) Poor performance ⇒ 7) Financial losses


If you are interested in ROV Hull Cleaning Technology we will gladly invite you to our office. 

Why choose us?

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA SOLUTIONS conducts its activities in an open and honest way. We adhere to regulations set out by local and international authorities in order to safeguard the well-being of our employees and the environments in which we operate.

We do not compromise on safety and quality. We offer a service with an excellent price/quality ratio and have only 1 goal and that is to increase the performance of our clients' assets while preserving the coating. An expensive coating can be destroyed and completely washed off in a matter of only 2 days by unskilled companies.