Hull Cleaning

Hull cleaning by ROV & Divers

For a reduction in fuel consumption, it’s very important to minimize drag on the hull of your vessel. A regular hull cleaning of a vessel implies that the drag on a ship will reduce. Especially in warm tropical waters, marine fouling tends to grow very quick. What starts as a thin layer of slime or grass will soon turn into a perfect under layer to which harder types of marine fouling can attach like Mussels, Barnacles, and Tubeworms.

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA has a wide range of in-house developed hull cleaning units. All units are designed and operated by European and local crew members with many years of experience in the field. All our hull cleaning units are designed to preserve and rejuvenate the coating on a ship. Using our latest ROV technology (remote operated vehicle) we are able to clean ships faster and safer than any other hull cleaning companies on the market. The ‘Stinger’ is a sophisticated ROV, developed to clean the large parts of your ship. It is designed to remain operational during heavy weather conditions and strong currents. Another advantage is that the ROV is allowed to be used in terminals where no divers are permitted. During a hull cleaning, we will inspect every square centimeter of your ship and its appendages, and if any abnormalities are found, we will report accordingly.

All hull cleanings will start with a general visual fouling inspection. After this initial inspection is performed by a certified dive team or ROV crew (remotely operated vehicle), we can estimate the amount of time needed to complete the job.

The time required for a hull cleaning varies from 24 to 60 operational hours. We have the assets to attend to your vessel with additional teams when needed. This way, your vessel will be on it’s way without unnecessary down-time and delays.

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA is your global partner to keep sailing costs and Co2 emissions as low as possible.