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Propeller Polishing • HYDROFLOW SUBSEA rov hull cleaning

Propeller Polishing

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA SOLUTIONS is constantly changing and improving the old-fashioned ways in which underwater maintenance services are being performed. In line with this mindset, we have developed a highly innovative Twin-disc Propeller polishing tool that is currently being used by underwater service providers around the globe. 

What sets us apart from most companies that provide propeller polishing services is that we offer a 3-stage polishing method. This means we that we actually polish the propeller 3 times in order to achieve the highest grade on the Rubert scale namely Grade 'A'. 

Removing marine growth from Propellers might seem unnecessary however tests from independent bodies have confirmed that a well-executed polishing can reduce fuel consumption up to 7%. On the other hand, a poorly polished propeller can decrease the performance of a propeller.

Our in-house developed Propeller polisher is superior to any polishing tool on the market. 

Propeller Polishing the HYDROFLOW SUBSEA SOLUTIONS way:

According to HYDROFLOW SUBSEA SOLUTIONS polishing is the idea and not grinding. Our Diver/ technicians have all received training from a propulsion specialist company. Instead of just doing it they know how and why to do it. A polishing is so much more than just making shiny.

Considering the fact that a propeller can cost millions of Dollars it is important that a specialist will provide maintenance to it. What we often see is that companies have used aggressive cleaning/polishing methods in order to remove Biofouling and the calcium layer that is present on every propeller after a short period of time.

Aggressive cleaning/polishing methods are fast which make them interesting for the Diving Contractors only. Often, we see propellers full of swirls of hairline scratches. These scratches indicate that propeller material has been removed which is not the purpose of polishing. From now on it will be easier for marine-growth to settle in the scratches and polishings will be needed more frequently. 

We perform a propeller polishing in 3-stages:

STAGE 1 ORANGE DISC - Remove marine growth and thick Calcium layers

STAGE 2 BLUE DISC - Polish the propeller to Grade 'A/B'

STAGE 3 ⇒ BLACK DISC - Polish the propeller to Grade 'A'