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Underwater Services Togo

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA offers a wide range of underwater services in Lomé, Togo by Divers and ROV technology. We have carefully selected our experienced and highly motivated crew members for our operational teams, and we have equipped them with ultra-modern supporting equipment. 

Technical failures most often occur unexpectedly, but whenever they occur, it is good to know that we are there to assist. From our fast-response center in Togo – Lomé, we can attend your vessel within hours. 

In close collaboration with our clients, we establish a plan to keep your ship in business with no or minimal time loss as we can often perform our services simultaneously with other ongoing operations. 

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA brings the highest European standards to West Africa. No longer will vessels have to divert to Europe or South Africa to receive the underwater services and attention they need.

Hydroflow Subsea

Underwater Tasks

Your reliable partner for:

☑ Underwater Hull Cleaning 

☑ Subsea cleaning projects – Semi-submersible rigs

☑ Propeller polishing & Thruster cleaning 

☑ Underwater inspections and surveys

☑ Measurement of pintle clearances and tail shaft wear-down readings 

☑ Sacrificial anode replacement and ICCP repair and replacement

☑ Rope removal and clearing 

☑ Blanking of Sea chests and other overboards or intakes

☑ Replacement of Echosounder and Speed log transmitters 

☑ Underwater welding, cutting and burning by coded welders 

☑ Salvage of vessel, cargo or other valuable items

☑ Civil underwater projects


Inspections and surveys

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA fully understands the responsibility to act as your eyes once we have descended below the waterline. Therefore, all inspections are carried out with ultra-modern cameras and CCTV equipment. 

We conduct underwater inspections & surveys with certified diving and ROV crew members and state-of-the-art equipment. All our inspection personnel has obtained CSWIP underwater inspection certificates, which are internationally recognized by the industry. 

After an inspection performed by our professional team, you will have a clear view of the situation below the waterline. Detailed final reports consisting of written information along with photos and videos, will leave nothing to the imagination. 

Training & Courses

Our Diving and ROV crews often undergo training and refresher courses to enable our company maintain high standard services. Our certified inspection divers and ROV pilots can complete a wide range of underwater inspections such as:

  • General Visual Inspection GVI
  • Close Visual Inspections CVI
  • Cathodic Protection monitoring CP
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement UT
  • Laser for distances and sizing
  • Crack detection ACFM
  • Flooded Member Detection FMD


HYDROFLOW SUBSEA Inspection divers and ROV pilot/technicians obtained the following certificates:

CSWIP 3.1U – NDT Inspection Diver

CSWIP 3.2U – NDT Inspection Diver

CSWIP 3.3U – ROV Inspector

CSWIP 3.4U – Underwater Inspection Controller

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA provides daily progress reports to our clients as well as a detailed final report. 

Our reports are accurate and will allow you to have a clear view of your vessel below the waterline. We make use of the latest technologies which include underwater cameras, communication, and lighting systems. By using these top quality and vital inspection tools, we can provide exceptional final reports.

Our experienced and professional inspection team members are fluent in English, French, Dutch, Spanish and German.

Hull Cleaning BY ROV

Safe. Fast. Efficient.

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA has significantly decreased the fuel consumption of many ships. Our Technology keeps on evolving to even serve you better in the future. Our ROVs are steadily changing the old-fashioned ways in which underwater Hull Cleanings are performed.


Clients feedback

Impressive technology

Operations were completed safe, fast and within the estimated timeframe. Superintendent Mike Watt

Norstar Shipmanagment

Fast service

The team operated day & night. Excellent results considering the local conditions at the anchorage location. Superintendent Valerijs Sinica

TB Ship management

Interesting company

HYDROFLOW SUBSEA was able to attend our vessel calling Togo – Lomé within hours. Captain Rajesh Kipor

Willhelmsen Ship Management

When the going gets tough

An international operating underwater service provider. By having service stations in The Netherlands and Togo – Lomé, we can rapidly mobilize a fully equipped team to many parts of the world.

A one-stop address for global underwater services.
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